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We Offer Specialized Treatments

Knee Arthritis

This package is for point related ailments. We provide authentic ayurveda treatment for condition like osteo arthritis,rheumatoid arthritis,osteoporosis accidental, sport related problem through abhyangam, steam, kizhi, kashayadhara etc..

Women's Health

Treatment to hormonal imbalance, menstrual irregularity, pcos-pcod, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, uterine fibroid. Abnormal vaginal discharges. Include Kshalana with medicated water, abhyanga steam, virechana, snehapana etc.

Children's Health

Improve appetite, Improve intellect, Improve Immunity.. Includes treatment like Shashitashali pinda swedan, Abhyangam etc..


Slimming therapy is specifically designed to reduce body weight and gire good shape to the body. It include special treatment like udhvarthana, choorna swedam, dhanyamla dhara, virechana, medicated steam bath etc.. and intake of herbal prepration. A strict slimming diet also adviced along with few exciercises. The duration of the treatment vary from 45-1hr, for a duration of 7/9 days.


Diabetes | Madhumeha classified as a lifestyle disease is a slow and silent killer,often ignored it can be fatal, if not paid attension as it can lead to heat problem, offen affect nervous system can damage eyes and kidney. Diabetis package keep you to maintain a healthy glucose level in the body in a very easy and hamless manner. Ayurvedic medication and purification treatment and remedial massage such as ekdhar,pizhichil,abhya and a personized attention by ayurveda doctors at the centre will help you learn to enjoy a healthy life style and control diabetics.


Counselling is a helping approach that highlights the emotional and intellectual experience of a client. It encourages the client to go back to their earlier experience and explore how these experience affect their current problem. In the present chotic world the body and mind are infiltrated with all kind of toxin both somatic as well as psychological.This package is the answer to all those who suffer from some kind of stress in life(occupational/family). This package include all kind of relaxation treatment like massage, shirodhara, thala pothichil,njavara kizhi along with yoga and meditation. The aim of the package is calm your body, mind & soul.